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How can we do for the New Year’s Day?

For years, my sister’s family has spent the New Year’s holiday with us, at our home. This is where my sister had grown up, and her husband’s parents’ house is very far from their home in Tokyo. So every year my sister, her husband,their three children (and their rabbit) come here and spend 2 or 3 first days of the new year. This means, we - mother and I have to take care of the meals and the equipments for their staying. A lot of food, a lot of plates to wash, many clothes & towels to wash & dry etc. My sister helps us, still she is a guest, and her husband and children are. My mother is a good cook and she is happy about all cooking and other preparing. Until recently.

Now mother is 84 and easily gets tired, I don’t want her do many housework during my sister’s family’s stay. Also, it’s my precious end of year & new year holidays, I’m not happy about spending all my holiday with taking care of the guests. The problem is, this is a special holiday and we should have The New Year feast and it takes much time and skill to prepare. I’m not good at cooking, won’t have enough time. Maybe my sister, also full time worker, too.

So now I and sister are talking about how we’d manage the holiday... Eating out together is out of question this year, also, enjoying the meal at home is our family tradition. In old days we have housewives at home(our mother and grandmother) and they manage everything & told other family members what to do. Now except mother all the adult member are full time worker and busy. Let’s see...

BTW this evening I went the hall in towncentre to enjoy the concert of classical music - all Beethoven program :) This is the season’s decoration in the big shopping arcade nearthe concert hall.
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