katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

On sunny Saturday

The COVID epidemic is spreading rapidly in Japan, not only in big cities but also in the countryside. No wonder, after the big move of people during the last two months. Unlike in spring now the authorities cannot stop the businesses, the newspapers say now the situation in many hospitals are quite serious. We feel again cautious about going out unnecessarily.

But at home, with the mild and fine autumn weather (today we again have sunshine!), and not turning on the TV for news program, our life is thankfully peaceful. Frankly now I need some effort to NOT think about the serious social situation but anyhow I try to focus on my own life.
And now I need to focus on my rabbit. Thankfully today she looks a little bit better. Not “better” but at least not getting worse, she is mostly still but her eyes show her energy. I hope now the medicine are working in her small body.

And our “homeless” cats are lively in the garden as always...

Tags: daily life, thought, utako

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