katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Unquiet Sunday

Sunday. Mostly cloudy.
My rabbit Tako has been in the veterinary clinic since yesterday evening. The vet said if her condition would become worse they’d make a phonecall in the morning. So having no call is good, still I’ve felt uneasy all the while. So I decided to spend time in the garden, mowing the lawn and sweeping the garden. Now autumn is deepening and the colours of plants show now winter is approaching.

Middle of afternoon the staff of the clinic called me that Tako has become better, not in the normal condition but I could take her home. So this evening I went to the clinic, talked with the vet, and now Tako is here at home!
She still breathes rather roughly, I need to see if her breath become worse. But at least she eats well - not natural appetite, the medicine increase her appetite, still it’s good. I hope the medicine, and the food would help her well!!

Tags: daily life, utako

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