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Mild autumn sun

Yesterday was not a good day...
Chilly rain all day, the temperature has dropped and that sudden coldness made me feel quite gloomy. In the evening I went to listen to the concert of classical music, and because the regulation about the commercial event had recently changed now they can put the audience in every seat, thus there was some big guy in the next seat to mine & I felt very unsafe having a stranger so close to me for two hours. The programme was Brahms, Symphony 4, one of my favorite but unfortunately the performance was not very good - not bad, but not as good as I’ve expected(I understand the reason, the Russian conductor, a real maestro, could not come to Japan because of the pandemic, thus a young Japanese conductor stood proxy for him). The towncentre was crowded despite the miserable weather, I didn’t want to eat in the crowded restaurant so came home being hungry and not satisfied :(

But this morning!
It’s still cloudy but sometimes we have mild sunshine ... what a wonderful thing the sunshine is! I washed many clothes and hang them in the sun. I took my rabbit Tako onto the wooden verandah and brushed her, cleaned her legs and around her chin she has dirtied because of her physical disorder - she doesn’t like it but stayed still while I was taking care of her fur. In the garden the autumn colour of flowers and leaves are quiet but beautiful. Not big event, but many small, nice things :)
This is one of the precious autumn days...


“Hototogisu” - Toadlily, my favorite autumn flower.

Many tiny flower buds of chrysanthemums.

And now the persimmon fruits are becoming red.
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