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A beautiful autumn day!

Today it’s fine, beautiful blue sky at last! With sunshine it’s a bit warm but not hot, with low humidity it’s very comfortable to be outdoor. I do teleworking today so I can go out into my garden to enjoy the autumn air sometimes. It’s great.

My small branch in a vase is now dying, I know I have to change the plants in it, still I think this small branch looks beautiful even in this condition.

BTW. There is a skylight in my loft where I do my job, and from the skylight I can look at my neighbour’s house and garden. In their lot they have 2 houses, the one belongs to the old parents and another belongs to their son and his family. The 2 story house I can see from my skylight is where the old couple had lived but now the husband has gone, the old mother lived by herself, I think. Her son and his wife seem to take care of her often, but 2 story house might be too big for an old lady thus most of time the shutters of the windows of the 2nd floor are closed even on a sunny day like today.

There are many houses in which just old people live in my neighbourhood, and I often see the houses with the always closed shutters like my neighbour’s. This is sad. I don’t like the shuttered windows in daytime - of course it’s OK for a few days when the the habitants are on their holiday trip or something. But the houses with always-closed shutters seem to be not well taken care of. And now with the decreasing the population (especially young people) we have many houses like this. And often those houses are big and expensive ones - in old days, I mean.

As for my neighbour’s house, the younger members take care of the house and garden well so it doesn’r look shabby. And without many children it’s usually quiet in my neighbourhood and nice to live here. But these closed shutters makes me feel a bit sad. :(
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