katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

My uneasy feeling... and music

Saturday. Rain. The temperatures is rather low again still morning housework (vacuum and wipe the floors of all rooms) made me sweat much. After light lunch I changed my cloths and went out. First I went to some local shopping street - not smart shops, mostly shops of food, casual clothes or other daily items, and popular with their very reasonable prices - to buy something. There I was surprised to see many customers on the streets - as many people as usual, it seemed. Then I took a bus to go to the bigger, more sophisticated shopping mall to find some kind of bag I’ve wanted. But I couldn’t find the suitable one :( OK... I saved some money. But ... it’s difficult to know how I should think about these many customers (including myself!) In the shopping areas. Of course we need to spend money to save many businesses but is it wise to go out for shopping and other purpose? I was feeling quite uneasy all the while.
After the fruitless shopping I went to the hall to enjoy the concert of classical music, this is the main purpose of my outing. There the number of audience was limited, less than half of the seat capacity. The music was good, Beethoven symphony 3. I enjoyed the performance but at the same time somewhat... I couldn’t fully concentrated in the music because of many anxieties and uneasy thought popped into my mind.
This is difficult time, and I’m afraid that I have a bit forgot how to enjoy the things.
Tags: daily life, music, thought, travel/going out

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