katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A hard (house)working day

Saturday morning is my weekly housework time. Today it’s cloudy and the temperature was moderate. After a rich breakfast I vacuumed and wiped the floors of all rooms, waxed all wooden floors, cleaned 2 toilets, did washing - these made me sweat much. Then I polished the shoes I have worn last week. I like sitting on the bench outside of the entrance door and polishing my shoes because there often comes nice breeze there in the morning.

Usually after this task I take shower then rest. But it’s a so suitable day for gardening jobs, so I just had a cup of tea then went out, until 2:00 I weeded the garden. During the summer we have been very lazy about weeding the garden because it’s toooo hot to do the outdoor job, thus our garden was a kind of mess! So it’s a tough job but good to see some patch was weed-free X)

Then I took shower, when I had my lunch it’s about 2:30 and I was very - but comfortably tired :)
And I thought... I have much worries or some dissatisfaction in my daily life of course, still, with the house which I love to live in, and the garden I need to take care of, and the precious quiet time with a cup of tea and chocolate after the housework, how fortunate I am. I really feel so and thankful.

The weather forecast says tomorrow we’ll have rain almost all day, so no work in the garden. I expect I’ll be relax and spend my time lazily tomorrow :)
Tags: daily life

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