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Visiting an old semi-Western style house

Recently I’ve felt rather stressful and I betted it’s a time to take another day off. Today, instead of going to the office, I woke up very early to take the early morning train going to Kawagoe. Kawagoe is an old town in Saitama prefecture, once the center of commercial transaction of the area, I think, and now the popular one-day trip destination with its streets with many old, grand houses of merchant family or Western style buildings - most of them are now used as the restaurants or shops for young tourists, and some famous temples and shrines.

This was my second visit, on my first I have missed to see something and have wanted to go to see it for months. And there happened to be a direct train to Kawagoe from nearby train station (from my house) - just one direct train for a day and in early morning. So this morning I took it before 7am and rather enjoyed long train ride on A long distance commuter train, at 8:30am arrived at Kawagoe. First I enjoyed my breakfast in American style small restaurant. Isn’t it enjoyable to eat out for breakfast? Feel like we are on trip.

(Pancakes, bacon and egg, banana and iced cafe au lait)

(Famous row of the old merchant houses)

(One of these houses now is the shop of Japanese kitchen knives)

Though, my purpose was visiting this house which was built about 100 years ago as a private house of a retired rich businessman. Not big but very tasteful in every details, the mixture of traditional Japanese style and Western style.

(Reception room in Western style)

(Nice sun room)

(Grand Japanese tatami room, used as the guest room)

I love this kind of old houses, it’s worth 3hours train trip (to and from).

Then I returned to Yokohama, went to Chinatown to have my lunch. Chinatown in Yokohama is one of the biggest in the world, with many both of expensive and casual Chinese restaurants. But since last February I haven’t been there, because, first, we knew there must be many Chinese people who had visited their hometown In China during Chinese new year holidays in Feb, then, Chinatown is not famous for its cleanness XD But today I was alone so it’s easy to be careful, I enjoyed Chinese noodle for my lunch. Yummy! XD

On this one day outing I have walked much, it’s good for recently I’ve been really lazy about physical activities. Though now in the evening I’m really tired! X)
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