katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Could I meet friends?

Maybe I’m too nervous, or just cowardly.
Since this March I have met just one friend face to face. I live with mother, about half of the workdays I go to the office and see my co-workers. I have once met my sister(who lives in Tokyo) in July. The only friend I’ve met is my best friend who is rather a worrywart thus very careful about this corona thing and we have happened to have some things we need to meet to handle, also we are close enough to be tolerant each other if one of us would bring the virus to another, so sometimes we meet. But except these I have not made the opportunity to eat out or go out with any other friends. This is, of course, not easy. So instead I have written many letters or e-mailed them often, but after the months without them now I really want to see some of them.
But my friends live in other areas, take the public transportation I’ve not taken, visit the places I won’t go and see the people I’d never meet. So I understand our meeting might bring the virus from one place to another, each of us would take risk of infection. Of course the possibility might be small when we are careful and now many people go out, visit the places, meet others, have meal together in the restaurants and even travel. And these activity - as usual but with much care - is really necessary to save many businesses and many people’s lives. I understand it.
Still, during the recent months I’ve become really cautious, don’t want to dare to takerisk.
At the same time I also understand we can not live like this - continue avoiding seeing other people or visiting other places.

So, my current problem is, should I ask my friends to meet in near future? Do our postponed outing or eating out? :(
How do you think, my friends?
Tags: daily life, thought

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