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Thought of September

Time goes by. Now, the tough summer weather has begun to fade here. Though we still have high temperature and humidity the sunshine is not as strong as in August, from time to time we notice autumn is approaching. Autumn is the comfortable season here, but at the same time it means that an year is going to end. Without any particular reason this idea makes me feel a bit of melancholy.

And what an year this has been! I can't remember well what I have done during this 6 months. During these "stay home and telework", "don't meet people nor go out as much as possible" months, my sense has become somewhat dull, I feel. Today's newspaper says the death toll in the world is now over nine hundred thousand, this is a terrible, unbelievable number. But now we have been accustomed to this enormous number, also we have no idea how many people would die everyday without pandemic in the first place. So when people don't have the patients just around them they tend to think the pandemic is now ceasing, and if there has been no financial damage they might tend to act as usual - just, the habits of wearing the masks and sanitizing our hands are remained firmly.
Because autumn is the comfortable time this is considered to be the best time for trip. And now, to save the many businesses, we see many advertising of hotels and travel agencies. I really want to visit somewhere - of course in Japan - with nice scenery, maybe I can if I try to be very careful... but at the same time, I live with my old mother and if I'd bring the virus back from my holiday trip it could be fatal. I don't want to take the unnecessary risk.

So basically I understand this is the year of patience still sometimes the desire for a trip catches my mind...
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