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Holidays in hotel room

Report of my shoooort summer holiday.

I took off from the office on Monday and Tuesday. I and my best friend has booked a nice room of one of the best hotels in Yokohama. It locates on the waterfront, and we chose the room facing the water. We didn’t want to stroll around the town centre, instead spend relaxing time in the room. So we first bought some sweets to bring in, enjoyed Them with cup of tea, chatting and the view from the room :)

In the evening we enjoyed a short cruise just for 30mintes with nice breeze, and the view from the water. Then light meal in a casual restaurant, backed to the room, took shower then again talking!

(The hotel we stayed)

(The night view of Yokohama from the boat)

My friend is going to move to very far city, her husband has already moved there but for some reason she still lives in Yokohama, but within a few months she’ll go. So this was the precious opportunity for us to talk much, enjoy our companionship.

On the second day we had light breakfast which we had bought on Monday in the room - the morning view from the room was also nice. We left the hotel around 10:30, walked around waterfront park, light lunch in a nice cafe.

(The morning view from the room)

The hotel, meals, tea and sweet, walking and talking were all good. The enjoyable time just between good friends with long friendship. This was a good summer holiday though it’s very very short X)
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