katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

On a cloudy and humid day

Cloudy. But at least no rain. The humidity is high though the temperature is not as high as usual(at the end of July) - it’s good. I do telework at home. On lunchtime I came down from the loft and found these outside of our living room.

(We are sleepy...)

After 15 minutes they rose and moved to other spot then...

(We are still sleepy...)

I understand. Today I, too, am sleepy (on my work hour XD) ... partly because of this gloomy weather. Still, today at least I enjoy the cicadas’ song. The end of the rainy season will come soon.

And this is unbelievable ... July is ending, and August! August makes me feel like “we are now in the last half of an year”, and what have I done in the first half? Just stay home, work at home, and ... almost nothing! Even though we cannot go out much for a while... I should think about what I should do at home otherwise this 2020 might become the year of “doing nothing” :(
Tags: daily life, thought

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