katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

The rain clouds hasn't gone...

For days we have had rather wild weather. The temperature and the humidity are high, strong south wind brings sometimes heavy rain and sometimes sunshine. When I open the windows the wind is not uncomfortable but I need to be careful for occasionally we have sudden strong rain.

But all such things are OK. The serious problem is that the big and long rain clouds has not moved from over the Japanese archipelago for days, and they caused heavy rain especially in the south-west part of Japan. It is the annual rainy season now so no wonder it keeps raining. But we are not accustomed with such enormous amount of rain - the ground and river cannot afford it so in many areas they have the floods and landslides which have killed nearly 80 people, destroyed many houses and fields - and the damage is still increasing.
In our Japanese history, the typhoons (they come mostly at the end of summer, mainly in Sep) have done the countless harm to people's lives, but the rainy season at the beginning of Summer(from the end of June to the first half of July) has not been a very dangerous time, it keeps raining but rather gently - as long as we remember. Though in this last few years this annual rainy season has becoming wilder and more dangerous. Every year it kills people - like typhoon season. Our climate is clearly becoming unkind to us.
Is such situation same in other area on this earth? This is really anxious... somehow more anxious than the pandemic.
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection, thought

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