katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

The thougut in the morning on uncertain days...

Every morning when I get up what I do first is taking my temperature. This is what our company has requested all employees at the end of Feb (if the body temperature is over 37.5°C we cannot go to the office). Since then I have taken the temperature every morning, even on the weekend. Seeing my temperature - normally between 36.2 to 36.6 - I feel a slight relief that it seems I'm not infected. But also every time I ask to myself - how on earth this could have happened?

This - the pandemic, the inconvenient life with much suspicion and worry, no outing for fun, no meeting with friends, no concert or visiting museums and libraries, no plan of trip, and with the uncertain prospect for future.
At first, I think, most of us has believed that it would end eventually and our "normal" life would return. Now we notice that those old "normal" days would never return, even if they'd find the vaccine and good medicine, the world would never stop changing - changing for the better or the worse, I'm not sure.

Now the first peak of the epidemic seems to have passed here in Japan and people carefully and gladly begin to move - visiting each other, making short domestic trips etc. But I don't feel like I want to make a trip yet. Maybe because I can't have much steady vision nor outlook - for my own life, for the society... and the world. When we are so uncertain about the sustainability of this world how can we enjoy making the plan for future?
Tags: daily life, thought

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