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Events on 23rd and 24th Nov.

On 23rd Nov, the national holiday, my friend arrived in the early afternoon. I welcomed her at the train station of Ueno(the histrorical town in Tokyo, not smart town but rather a working class area, now famous for many museums and the most popular zoo in Japan). We strolled around the Ueno park among many people, enjoying the atmosphere of the holiday then visited nearby Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Garden, the former estate of the Iwasaki clan who were the founders of Mitsubishi, the Japanese conglomerate company. It had a western-style house and a Japanese house, both of them were grand, very enjoyable to see.

(Ueno Park)

(Kyu-Iwasaki-Tei Garden)

My friend has been hooked on the stories of Sherlock Holmes recently so we went to the British style pub named "Sherlock Holmes" which decorated with many copies of the illustrations for Holmes books or photos from the British TV drama, then an "Irish" Pub for she loves Ireland too since she has fallen in love with a certain Irish character in a certain British TV drama (:D) some years ago. - The town she lives in is not big and doesn't have this kind of exotic restaurants or pubs so whenever she visits Tokyo or Yokohama she requests visiting these kind of places.

When we came back to my town Yokohama it was late and the illuminations in the waterfront area were beautiful. I have booked a room in one of the best hotels in Yokohama, the room was on the 24th floor, we could enjoy the wonderful view of the port and town from its balcony. And the hotel room, its facilities were really good, we regretted that we could not stay there longer.

(from hotel room)

(Nippon-maru, the retired training ship now resting in the dock in Yokohama. The hotel we stayed is the one just behind the ship)

On the second morning we enjoyed walking on the modern waterfront area, enjoyed mild sunshine, sea breeze and the fine view. Then visited nearby hall to enjoy the short concert of pipe organ. It's where I go about once a month for concert of classic music, it has really good acoustics. After the concert we rushed to the nearby train station, took a train then a bus going to "Zoorasia"- Yokohama Zoological Gardens - our local zoo in Yokohama. It has a very big estate, not only displaying animals but also has pleasurable atmosphere of theme park, there we enjoyed walking, seeing the animals, easy chatting.

In the evening I saw her off at the train station, she would stay in Tokyo to take lessons of flamenco for 3 days, the purpose of her trip - she is trained in flamenco very seriously and every year come to Tokyo to take lessons from the professional bailaora (flamenco dancer).

During these 2 days we of course enjoy talking about many things, it's good to have the opportunity to do so. Both of us belong to the generation when we notice the various responsibilities increase and we begin to feel our age :( Still with many things we want to do sometimes we need the encouragement each other, and seeing the friends who is struggling to manage the things is the best stimulation. Well... I wish good luck to us !
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