katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A Sun-day

After a mostly gloomy week this morning we finally have sunshine. Yay!

And now it’s the end of May, the air is full of the atmosphere of summer. One of the most comfortable seasons in Japan will soon be gone, we’ll have the hot and humid summer. We Japanese often wear surgical masks but mostly in cold and dry winter, wearing it in the high temperature and humidity in the Asian summer must be quite difficult, I don’t want to think about it X(
My teleworking days has continued for nearly 3 months now, a quarter Of one year has passed in this strange interruption. My life has been fortunately quiet and peaceful but in the nightmare like vagueness, it’s difficult to distinguish a certain day from others. I have not gone out, thus done no makeup, worn no nice clothes nor accessories, have not met any friends, I do my job just with my computer alone in the loft, have 3 mealS a day with mother for 3 months. Each day is just like others. And this does not mean I have much time to do what I want because I work every workday, just... no enjoyable change at all. I feel like I’m somewhat wasting time in this odd sameness.
Though maybe in near future I might have to back to the office, this interruption might be end. But how? We clearly cannot get the “ordinary” life back, and it’s quite uncertain how we’d manage our new life. This situation is too serious to handle for an ordinary individual so for weeks I have rather tried to focus on the trivial things in my own life. This has worked well. But sometimes I feel like stunned with the uncertainty of the future.

Well... at least there are ones who never feel stunned X)

Tags: daily life, thought

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