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A cold day

Last night it began raining, and the temperature has dropped. Today is a cold, wet day like in winter. The rain and wind were strong, during the daytime when I did teleworking in the loft (just under the roof) the sound of rain and wind was very noisy. I brought my small CD player there to play some music to drown out the sound of them.
In the afternoon when the rain calmed I went to the nearby supermarket to get some grocery. I thought that on such cold day there might be less people than usual in the shop, but there were more customers there than I have expected. To my surprise some people visited there in a small group - with their family, chatting and stand close in a queue for the register. Even now, there are many such thoughtless people with little idea what kind of danger we are in! How could we stop the infection with those idiots? This made me feel quite gloomy.
Anyway I brought some food (for I myself and my mother) and many green vegetables (for my rabbit) home in the chilly rain. Recently I try not to go for shopping often, just once a week or less. I often go out for a short walk but on such walking I don't see anyone, never approach other person. It’s been almost one month since I began the teleworking at home, I haven’t seen my co-workers for a while. We exchange e-mails every day but no real talking nor phone call, each workday looks quite similar to the other. I sometimes lose the sense of the day in the week.
And the situation seems to be getting worse here in Japan. But I think there is nothing more I can do. Recently I don't see the news program on TV nor internet much, they just make me feel blue.
Well, at least at the moment I'm fine, rabbit Tako is cute and the spring flowers are beautiful in our garden. Let's see how the things will change within the next two weeks...

(The photo I took yesterday in my garden)
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection, utako

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