katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

on a fine but gloomy spring day

In this kind of difficult days, keeping our regular routine as much as possible is important to be calm and rational. To wake up at decent time, take healthy food and do some physical exercise regularly every day, have some fun with reading or playing with our animal etc, then go to bed early. I know I should do them but now I find it's more difficult than usual. Maye because I can't go out much and see my friends, and because of the anxiety, often I can't stop eating chocolate or other sweets, reading until midnight, or looking at the gloomy information on internet. This last one is the worst. Keeping looking at those horrifying news does no good, just depresses me. I should restrict how much time I can see the internet for one day ...though this is difficult! So at least I try to go outside of the house even a few minutes every day, walking around my small garden or picking some grass for my rabbit, or visiting the local library to get the book I need for my job (in the libraries now most of the rooms are closed and we can't walk into the room with bookshelves, but can get the book we've reserved via internet).
This is spring, the most beautiful and exciting season with fresh air, the plants show their new green leaves and buds - it's great to see them in my garden or on my way to the library or super market. I often try to just focus on them, not think about the uncertain future.

(flowers in my garden)
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection, thought

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