katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

In a warm morning

Saturday. After some rain during the night this is an oddly warm, cloudy morning. I overslept and got up at 10:00 !!! Sorry for my rabbit who has been waiting her breakfast patiently X(
I had a late breakfast with mother, and we talked about the same thing as we have done for this last 3 weeks. Now the number of infected people is increasing and we became more and more anxious, on the other hand there seems to be very optimistic or thoughtless people still, on the newspaper I see too many articles about the postponed Olympic Games, like “2021 spring or summer, which is better?” To me, having the Olympic Games within one year sounds quite unrealistic. In many countries and areas we haven’t have the peak of the infection yet, I’m afraid. I understand of course that the economy is very, very important - not for money itself but for our lives, though thoughtless decision might kill our social system - and many people. Well... let’s see. At the moment there must be more important and urgent matter to think for Japanese leaders.
But, in spite of our, human’s serious worries, there are some who don’t care and just enjoy the warmth of spring...

The weather forecast says tomorrow the temperature will drop and we might have some snow(!). So, let’s enjoy when we can! X)
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection

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