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the reading in the difficult time...

Last week I've read Agota Kristof's 3 books - "The Notebook", "The proof" and "The Third Lie" (needless to say, in Japanese translation). They were very interesting, amazing books. Though like most of the great books, they also shook my mind, made me feel somewhat uneasy. Maybe they are not the books I should read in such unsettled time.
Not only the fear about the coronavirus, now people are very anxious about the economy. Many events and business have been cancelled, comings and goings between other countries have become rather difficult now - this will surely kill the large part of our economy, many people have already lost their jobs and some small companies were broken. I'm quite doubtful about the Olympic Games in coming summer. If this is the local problem just in Asia - it might be more tolerable. But news program and newspapers report quite uneasy situations in many countries. I rather hope this spread of virus was caused just by the misjudgement by the incompetent governments of some Asian countries so in the "wiser" countries they can stop the virus. But the truth is that this infection is very hard to handle in any countries. Well... I'm not in a panic but cannot help feeling rather gloomy :(
Maybe I should read the easier, cheerful book. I took one of my old Moomin books from my bookshelf... X)
Tags: book, thought

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