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Uneasy situation...

So, how do you feel recently, my LJ friends?
Now, as I (and many people) have been anxious about, the coronavirus infection is spreading all over the world rapidly. We should not be in panic (it's TOTALLY useless to be so) but naturally I feel more uneasy, unsafe than before. In such time I'd like to distract myself with eating out or going out & chatting with friends etc, but in the current situation we should not gather, should not go out for unnecessary, not-urgent purpose. So I don't eat out, don't go to see the film, don't enjoy shopping (except buying food and other daily necessities), just stay at home after work and on weekend.

There is another reason why I don't go out recently. Usually I often eat out or go for shopping after work with my best friend who also lives & works in Yokohama. At the beginning of Feb she tumbled and broke her ankle badly, even now she can't walk, takes off from her job and stays with her parents, not at her own home for she needs someone to help her (her husband is busy for his job and comes home very late every day thus she has nobody to help her in her own apartment). So since then I have not met her, just exchanging the mobile messages.
Her parents live in a rather small apartment for they have lost their house by the typhoon last autumn, and they have been planning to rebuild their house with the insurance money. But now, the financial situation is very doubtful and there are many lack of materials (imported things from China, etc) in every industry because of the coronavirus problem, they have to discontinue the rebuilding. This is a very anxious situation for them. And just recently, my friend's husband received the new appointment - from the coming April he'll work at some office in Yamaguchi prefecture - it is the far end of Honsyu island of Japan! This means he has to move to Yamaguchi within this month, his wife - my friend will inevitably quit her job to join him but at the moment doing any preparation to move is just out of question for her! And to me, this is quite an unpleasant news. As soon as my friend's ankle would be healed I'll lose her as a eating - going out - traveling companion! No easy outing and eating together after work, no Scrabble match any more. And I have no idea how her old parents would manage to rebuild their house without her (though this is not my concern).

Thus, you might understand that now I'm not in a very cheerful mood :(
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