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New books, and a quiet weekend

Recently I've read (the Japanese translations of) Agota Krstof's "Le Grand Cahier" - really an amazing novel! - and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Americanah" for the first time. They are totally different books but both were very interesting. And both are new to me, it's always exciting to meet the new authors.

Here in Japan, as my LJ friends might have known, the government has urged all the schools to close for some weeks, requested companies to cancel any big events or gathering, asked all of us to stay at home when we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus. So many events and concerts are cancelled, many museums and Disneyland are closed, people avoid going to the towncentre, thus this is an oddly quiet weekend. There must be many people who has troubles ... working parents with small children, the owners of restaurants or shops etc. And of course many companies would have the financial problems soon. Though at the moment generally people are calm except some who are crazy about getting the surgical masks or hand sanitizer and some stupid idiots who post countless complaints on Twitter and other SNS.
As for me, the company I work for has asked all of us employees to take our temperature every morning before going to the office, and said they were now preparing the system for teleworking though we are not sure when and how many of us would be able to do it. At least we are the office workers so our situation is easier than the salespersons or factory workers. We just try to be careful and do what we should do. Some people are complaining about everything and slander the government or PM, I think such attitude is just nonsense. I'm never a supporter of government party but this is a kind of emergency and no use of blaming each other. We'll surely have enough time to retrace the situation and think about what's the failure and whose is it when this virus would be stopped, but we need some more time till then.

Meanwhile the time is rolling by, now in our garden some plants prepare for the spring.

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