katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Never be in panick

After I came home from my trip to Amami, I found people are a bit panicking to get the surgical masks or hand sanitizer - they were all sold out in every drug stores and other shops. Of course, people are afraid of infection of corona virus. Even in usual winter many people wear surgical masks to avoid the pollen for this is the worst season of pollinosis here. But this year, it’s really unbelievable how many people wear masks, especially in crowded trains and shopping areas. In many popular shopping areas or popular towns (as travel destination) there are far less people recently. It’s good not to go out when not necessary in such time, but to me it seems that people are too much afraid of the virus. Of course I’m afraid of it too (mostly for my old mother), but it’s no use to become panicking. Yes we have to be careful, have to wash our hands well etc. And if necessary we should stay at home - if the government or my company order us to stay at home instead of coming to the office every day I’ll willingly do so! X). But at the moment generally most of the social activity are normal. I do what I usually do...
My friends, how are the situation in your areas? I hope the infection would not spread any more. And I’ve reread Albert Camus’s “La Peste” (in Japanese translation) recently...
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