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walking to the office

Recently I noticed that just 10 minutes or sometimes 5 minutes walk made me feel tired a bit. This is not good. I know its reason. I'm not young and to keep the physical strength I need some regular exercise, though I seldom do it except the light Yoga lesson once a week X( But at least I have liked walking for years, enjoyed walking on my trip and in my daily life, looking at not only the beautiful landscape but also the ordinary town. Enjoyed looking at the small private houses and common gardens in the residential area, enjoyed imagining how are the inside of those houses and people's lives. So, this morning I decided to walk to the office instead of taking a local bus. And yes I could enjoy looking around to find the small flowers in front of the common houses and buds on the small garden trees, people chatting in front of their houses and an old man taking his dog out for a walk. This morning it's very cold but after 10 minutes walk I could take off my gloves, felt my body warmed. Walking to the office for 30 minutes was enjoyable enough, and not tiresome much. I should walk more...!
Tags: daily life

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