katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

The snow warning

A cold midwinter day. The weather forecast says we’ll have low temperature all day, chilly rain late in the afternoon, then snow in the night till tomorrow morning! Do you know what this means? This often means the frozen and slippery ground, delay of the trains and other traffic problem in the town center. Quite unfortunately, I and a co-worker have an appointment to visit some office in Tokyo tomorrow afternoon. To go to the office we have to walk from Shibuya station for about 10 minutes... just 10 minute, yes, but on the slope! Though we can’t wear the hiking shoes or like to visit the other company X(. And we are quite uncertain about the punctuality of the trains in such weather. Just visiting Shibuya is a bit stress for me, and now... snow!
Well... let’s see how bad the weather would be... :(
Tags: daily life

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