katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Booked the flight and the lodging :)

Since last week I’ve tried to find the air ticket and reasonable hotel in Amami island in Feb. An acquaintance told me that it’s a good place with tranquil atmosphere, she made me want to visit there. It’s a southern island in Japan, not very south as Okinawa, it’s between Kyushu and Okinawa thus very popular in summer but in winter the tickets are not expensive. One of my friend wants to join me so I tried to get the tickets for us. But it’s not easy to find them for Amami is not a big travel destination and they don’t have many flights or many (good and reasonable) hotels. Most of the hotels which seem to be good have no vacancies. We decided to go there on workday, not on weekend and last night I finally found the so-so hotel. Feb is not the best season to go there, the hotel is not a luxurious one, but the price is reasonable, there are many rivers and the jungle where visitors can enjoy kayaking or walking, they seem to have unique food, and my friend can drive (easy to visit anywhere on the island) so I expect we’ll have the enjoyable 4 days there. Yay! Our trip will be in the end of Feb :)
Tags: travel/going out

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