katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

The first bad news in 2020! X(

My sister's family (My sister, her husband and two daughters. Sister's son is not here this year, he is on a short trip with his girlfriend) are now staying with us here to spend the end of 2019 and the beginning of the new year. We have just one room where the guest can sleep - a Japanese tatami room with shoji (sliding paper door instead of curtains inside of the window), so they spread many futon mattresses in that room to sleep in the night. This caused a small accident - one of the futon seems to have torn the end of the paper on shoji screen! I said it's a small accident, yes no one was hurt and the damage was not big, still it's not a small accident to me! The paper on the wooden frame of shoji is the thing we can change when it gets dirty or torn, but the shoji-paper of my rooms is not a very common one, and for 6 years I have been very, very careful to keep it. I immediately tried to find the same paper for shoji on internet but could not find the same or similar one, at the moment have no idea how to purchase it. So this was a really dejection to me. Now I try to be positive and feel joyful for this is a precious holiday, though I feel depressed and a bit angry!!! :(
Tags: daily life

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