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Since this Monday I’ve been in very bad mood. I have some dull ache in my left breast and side which I don’t know it’s reason, in the late afternoon my eyesight becomes quite poor. I have had little motivation in the office for days and dislike my idleness. I’m full of very negative thought and feeling all the while and want to vent them on someone to release myself but there’s no use bothering my friends with my unpleasant thought. It’s the reason I haven’t posted anything here for days. So I have held my helplessly negative feeling in my mind. I know my face shows a sullen grimace and know too well that this makes my un-beautiful face uglier. Usually I try to smile to other people even when I feel bad but this sullenness is too severe to do so. And of all times... this is a festive season when many people enjoy outing, eating out with family and friends, buying gift etc. Also at home this is the time when we should be a hardworkers to clean our rooms before the New Year but everything seem to be too troublesome to me now. To soothe this unhappy feeling every evening I read a book and can not stop after midnight, go to bed late and being tired during the daytime. This is just stupid. I post this worthless comment to release myself just a little otherwise I would be choked with those black thought. Sorry for this rubbish.

A small stuffed dog looking at my grimace in the office...

I found myself being quite mentally unsound at the moment, decided to take a day off from the office. Tomorrow I’ll be at home, or maybe go out for a while for fun. And make myself relaxed...
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