katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

An event on Saturday

This morning I have spent much time in the toilet X) ...I believe I’ve been there more than 15 times in the morning. This doesn’t mean I had diarrhea - at least natural one. I needed to empty my bowels for the endoscope examination of the large intestine and took the strong laxative! Until 9:30am I could be sure I had evacuated everything X) and around noon visited the clinic. The doctor made me take a kind of anesthetic so the examination itself has finished without any pain, and the result was quite satisfying, the doctor found nothing wrong.
This was a miserably cold and wet day today and it’s late in the afternoon when I came home. I still have some slight odd feeling in my belly but it’s no problem. And, in such cold morning I was quite thankful for the floor heating in the toilet for it locates on the north side of the house XD
Tags: daily life

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