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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

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Do you have any worries?
Yesterday I went to have an aromatherapy massage after work. This is the luxury I allow myself once a month. Every time the aesthetician finds the stiff part and loosen it up - the neck or legs. She is good at it. Yesterday after the treatment she asked me if I had any worries or anything to brood about for she found my forehead was stiff. Thinking too much makes our head or forehead stiff, she said. I’ve never thought like that but it sounds rather reasonable, our mental condition easily affects our physical condition. And yes, I had some unpleasant condition in the office (as always) and have thought about it all day X(

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The aromatherapy sounds fantastic. Which reminds me that these darkening days ask for ANY massage, which I haven´t had for a half-year!

Yes, being cared by someone’s hands is really good. Usually this kind of massage is very expensive here but this one I have every month is not expensive... not cheap of course but with rather reasonable price. Otherwise I can’t have it so often. I think I’m fortunate to have found this place.

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