katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A typhoon day

Today, a big typhoon is coming. In the afternoon I closed all the shutters. Late in the afternoon... from around 5pm the rain and wind have become very strong. And horrible images on TV news. We(I and mother) have felt rather uneasy all day.
Now, about 22:00 on Saturday, the typhoon seems to have gone ...at least from our area. We still have rain and strong wind but now they are far quieter than 1 hour before. We still have to be careful but at the moment we are safe and maybe our house(though we’ll need to check the outside of the house tomorrow morning), and there was no electric power failure nor suspension of water supply - I’m thankful for that! But there are many serious damages in many areas it seems, maybe tomorrow we’ll see how terrible they are. Just hope... not many lives have been lost.
Tags: daily life, thought

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