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200 neckties

I’m still helping my friend and her parents - their house was badly damaged by the strong rain and wind by the typhoon about 2 weeks ago. Most of their rooms and the things were wet with dirty water, now 2 weeks have passed we saw much mold everywhere in the house. They have already decided to give up the house and throw most of the things, the parents will move to the small apartment temporarily soon (they have stayed in the hotel since the disaster but it costs much) and rebuild the house - if they can get enough insurance money.
So yesterday I again visited their house to help them to clean the house. I took the dirty clothes out of the closet and put them into big plastic bags to throw them away. From my friend’s father’s closet I took more than 200 neckties - all wet with dirty water - and put them all into a big bag. Those neckties were all high-end stuff. He is now 91, and before retiring he had worked for the big department store as an executive and bought (or got) many very good and expensive clothes and other stuff. Now most of those things what he had treasured for many years have become just rubbles - what a waste! It’s so sad.
And at the same time I felt like this ... these expensive neckties were clearly part of the things he has treasured for years, though things can be destroyed anytime (and also, of course he cannot wear all of 200 neckties), thus keeping too many stuff might not be... very wise.
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