katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Going to the vet in the dark

Today is my “taking Tako to the vet” day, once for two weeks. Usually I go there around noon but today, my appointment happened to be at 18:30 so when I left home with Tako it’s becoming dark. I think this is the first time to take Tako somewhere in the evening, and on my walk to the vet with my rabbit in the bag I remembered the time when I have taken Mr.Uma to the vet...not the same place but the clinic which was far from home, 1 hour and half train & bus ride.
During his last some months I have often taken him to the vet in the morning and sometimes in the evening. Now in my bag there is Tako, also rescued rabbit, also has serious physical problem still lively and cute... and I think that I’m fortunate to have them as my rabbits...:)

(Tako in the bag in the waiting room of the clinic.)
Tags: mr.uma, utako

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