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Typhoon coming!!

Last night, a big typhoon hit around Tokyo area. It’s rather rare that typhoon comes to this area, also this was a big one so since yesterday afternoon public transportations, many companies and public institutions have been quite alerted. Around 22:30 most of trains were stopped far earlier than usual, this morning all the trains were stopped to check the safety of the railways or overhead wires etc this caused the serious congestion in many big train stations. Because of the damages some trains are still not moved. Now it’s lunchtime in the office still some co-workers have not arrived here.
As for me, I can walk to the office from my house so no problem about coming to the office. But last night, first it’s difficult to sleep because of the horrible noise from outside - noise caused by the very strong winds and rain - then around 3:00 or 4:00, I’m not sure, the alarm sound from the authorities to my mobile(they send it to every mobile and smartphone in particular area)suddenly woke me up twice. It’s the warning about the heavy rain and the danger of land slip in our district, thankfully not in my neighbourhood. I think I have almost recovered from the jet lag from my trip now but because of this interruption in the middle of the sleep again I’m sleepy at the moment(daytime of 9 Sep, Monday) ...X(
Tags: daily life

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