katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A conversation

My current job in the office is not very important... I mean, though any job is important, ours has no priority. The good point is we can do our task on our own pace, we seldom have visitors or phone call. But sometimes I feel like I’m neglected, no one respect our job and effort. Yesterday my co-worker was on her holiday so I have done my job alone with no conversation, no phone call etc and felt a bit depression.
Then, one woman worker talked to me when there was no one around us. She is in the next section, not my subordinate but once we have worked together and have good impression each other, I think. She said that she had found problems in how her team had done their job for a while but could not be sure. I understood her, recently in our office many things are out of usual office rule...quite unreasonable. I have felt it too but because our superiors have decided such things, few people complain about them. At least in the office. I talked with her about that problem and said that she could talk about it to some people I can trust. She seemed to be satisfied and returned to her desk.
Sometimes just talking about the problem with someone could be a good help, and for me too, this conversation was a good relief for she trusted me and told me about her trouble. She made me feel that I can help someone still and my existence in the office was not meaningless :)
Tags: daily life, thought

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