katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Travel and rabbit

Today I have spent whole afternoon to do the research for my holiday trip. Nowadays we can find so much information on internet, the map, good lodging, transportation and how much time does it take from one place to another, how people feel about some hotel or restaurant... They are of course useful but I feel like ... exhausted to check those information. Of course research itself is a part of joy of holiday but too much information makes me tired (@_@). Though I enjoyed and could find good accommodation.
At the same time I have carefully looked at my rabbit all day. At least she shows good appetite, it’s a good sign still her condition is clearly worse than before. So I’m not sure if I would really be able to go for trip. If Tako’s condition became worse I can not leave her. Without my touch and encouragement she might feel a bit ...helpless, I imagine. I know my mother will take care of her but the problem is that even now Tako cannot be relax enough with my mother.
Well... I’ll take Tako to the vet tomorrow, he’ll take X-ray of her. I just hope her condition is not very serious...
Tags: travel/going out, utako

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