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Walking in Oiso

The weather forecast has said it would be cloudy - no rain, at least untill evening on Saturday. On Saturday - yesterday I went out with my friend and visited Oiso, a town located on the coast of Kanagawa prefecture. Oiso is not a big city but famous for its long coastline and its history as a kind of beach resort where many writers, statesmen and business leaders had had their summer houses about 100 years ago. In and around Oiso town there still are some old houses or gardens once belonged to them.
First we visited the old house where Toson Shimazaki (a famous writer in Meiji era - about 100 years ago) had lived in. It was a small but elegant nice traditional Japanese house with a small garden, still well cared. We couldn't get into the house but could look into the rooms from the garden, we loved the tranquil atmosphere of this house.

(Fence surrounding the house)

(Approach to the entrance door of the house)

(Small but nice garden)

We found a nice bakery in an old house on a narrow alleyway. They kept the rustic atmosphere of that old house and it matched well with the nice smell of bread fresh from the oven. We enjoyed glasses of tea and some sweet bread in their Japanese room on the second floor, then bought some breads to bring home.

(A bakery in an old house)

(The second floor of the bakery, reminded me of my grandparents’ house)

Then we walked in the residential area, enjoyed to see the houses - there was a area which had many big, gorgeous houses(must be very expensive) but even small, ordinary houses are good to look at with their garden trees or flowers. We visited a big, beautiful Japanese garden which belong to a house where the famous Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshita (PM of Japan just after the WW2) had lived. There was Yochida's house(a reconstructed big house) next to the garden but it's too big and gorgeous to my taste, I didin't went into the house.

We visited another nicest bakery in the neighbouring town, had lunch there and again bought some breads (when I'm home I need to put most of these bread into the freezer for I bought too many XD) - looked very yummy.

But in the afternoon it started raining, we opened our umbrellas. In the rain we visited here, an old small house and garden where the many haiku poets had lived or used for haiku gathering. This was just a small place but we enjoyed the quietude and nice atmosphere.

Though soon this quietude was broken by the sound of drums and shouting. It happened to be the day of the local feast! We saw the local people carrying the portable shrine.

We walked for hours for a long distance so when I'm home I was tired though it's a good outing. And this morning I enjoyed some of the breads I got in Oiso :)
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