katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A mobile problem

Since the day before yesterday mother has had a trouble with her mobile, she couldn’t send messages though she could get them. Yesterday she phoned to the customer service but their answer was not clear enough so today I took a half day off - I knew this would take time and fortunately I don’t have much to do at the moment in the office - and made a phone call. I have talked with some customer service staffs who were trying to find the reason of the trouble and how to solve it ... for one hour and thirty minutes - thankfully these phone calls were free X) At the end we found the temporary measure, and they’ll send us a new mobile soon. I’ll need to copy the data from the old phone to new one. I hope with these mother would not have the same trouble... But you know, these IT things are very convenient but sometimes so troublesome! Anyway it’s fortunate that this trouble happened now when I have time X) After these phone calls I had time to go to the clinic I was going to go next week. Now I’m in a cafe near the train station to have lunch before going to the office, enjoying some free time from the job stress and family responsibilities XD And today is the last day I need to see our stupid lady boss. Yay!
Tags: daily life

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