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Personnel changes

In the company I work for, 1st July is the day of the entity conversion and personnel change every year. The task I and a co-worker have done for months has now almost finished except some last (and not easy XD) coordinations, and we’ve expected we would move to another section and other people will take this task from coming July. There is a rule to tell the employee where he’d move 1 week before to give him time to prepare for the move or the meeting with his successor to give the information about the job, so we (I and my co-workers) were told to which section we’d move from July.
The personnel changes around this team at 1st July is like this. The boss(female) whom everybody dislikes will move to the affiliated company doing totally different job from ours and infamous for its very tough working conditions. She deserves it! Now she seems to be filed with concern, her mind is totally somewhere else recently - and bothers me little, this is good! XD as for myself and my co-worker, we will move to the public relations section - next to ours at the moment so we’ll need to carry our stuff just a little distance - and do the same job till it will be really finished, maybe within one year. We are glad that we’ll be able to do it. In the public relations section they are communicating with the journalists, operating the website of the company, editing the in-house newsletters, PR brochures and publicity posters to the customers etc. it’s the team I had worked for many years before, with most of the members I have had good relationship.so to me this was a rather good change X). The new boss, the leader of public relations section is ... unfortunately not skilled nor experienced enough I’m afraid, but at least he is rather young, polite and not unpleasant man. Let’s see how the situation will turn out...
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