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travel to USA - a framed picture

I arrived at Philadelphia airport in the morning of 18th Oct, there I took a shared shuttle bus taking me to the hotel. It's in early morning, I shared it with just one woman who happened to live in a small town Chadds Ford where my travel destination Brandywine River Museum was located in. The driver was a talkative nice man, he talked to the woman first then asked me about my travel so I told him I was going to see the exhibition of the illustrations for Treasure Island by N.C.Wyeth.

Wyeth's illustrations for Treasure Island? The woman said. She had a big print of one of them and framed it before but no longer hanged it on the wall in her house.

"I'd like to give it to you if you want" "...Excuse me?"
"Do you want it?" "Yeah...I do, but..."
"Then (she asked to the driver) would you go to my house first? So I'll give her the picture." "OK"

So, while I could not understand the situation well the shuttle took both us to the woman's house(incidentally it was a big and very beautiful house in a nicest residential area), she open her front door for me and the driver(and we were welcomed by a white furry, very beautiful cat) and handed a big framed poster to the driver, he put it in the trunk beside my case, ...and I was taken to the hotel with them.

It was a print of N.C.Wyeth's famous "Blind Pew", one of the best of his Treasure Island illustrations. Maybe the woman has purchased and framed it some time before and was not interested in it much now, still it was a generous gift for I was totally a stranger for her!

Thus the first day in Chadds Ford started pleasantly.

I took the framed picture home safe - I asked the flight attendants to keep it in the closet in the cabin when I took airplanes - now think about where and how I should hang it in my small rooms...

Tags: mr.uma, travel/going out

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