katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Cat on screen

Last evening it was warm enough so I opened the window facing the garden, just closed screen door to have wind from outside. The shutters or curtains on the windows of other rooms were all closed so the window of my room is the only place where one can look into from the garden. One... were there anyone in the garden in the evening? Yes... the homeless cats! A cats came near to my room and have meowed for a while though I have ignored him. I don’t want to accustomed them to coming near to my room for their meowing might frighten my rabbit. Then, I heard some clattering sound from the window, looked around to find a cat climbing the screen door!!!
I have heard or read about the story of cats climbing the screen door many times on internet but never seen it with my own eyes. Of course I soon drove him away from the screen door. I’m afraid he might break the screen with his nails.
Now it’s warm and I open the window and use the screen often. I just hope the homeless cats would never do the same behavior again!
Tags: daily life

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