katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Heavy rain

Today I have a compensatory day off and am at home all day. Unfortunately the weather is terrible, we had unusual heavy rain almost all day - or, fortunately... I didn’t need to go to the office in such rain X) I did some housework I couldn’t do on the last weekend. And checked some website and e-mails for coming holiday trip :) I’ll have two day off from the office, on Friday and Monday at the end of May and the beginning of June and have a short trip to Hokkaido(the big northern island in Japan). I’m going to do some outdoor activities and see my friend. It would be great to spend a day with her :) Late in the afternoon it stopped raining and the homeless cats appeared to cry for some food. This morning they didn’t come because of very strong rain so they were hungry and got more food than usual. On the contrary my rabbit Tako has been a good girl all day though I’m afraid she wouldn’t be in her best condition...sometimes she breathes a bit rough, and likes to be touched by me. I hope she’d keep her so-so condition. At least she keeps her good appetite. Tomorrow my usual workdays will start again, but this was a good day off to recover my own pace.

(Relaxed Utako. Where is your forefeet? XD)
Tags: daily life, utako

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