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Yesterday, around noon. I saw one of our familiar homeless cats was worrying something grey, fluffy thing in the garden. When I looked at him carefully I saw small yellow feet among the fluff. It's a starling. Starlings is quite common birds here, we often see them on garden trees or walking on the grass to find worms. The cat must have hunted one.

I have seen the cat got lizard or some small living things sometimes, but it's the first time for me to see it got a bird. These cats in our garden are well fed by us so no need to hunt to eat, he did it just for fun. The cat was playing with the dead bird and bit it playfully. I knew cats sometimes hunt birds, and this is nature so I can't help it still I felt rather sad to see this. A poor bird! Or, is this an appeal to us for more treat by a cat? Anyway I hope he(the cat) wouldn't succeed in his bird-hunting again!
After he was tired of playing with the bird we buried the poor small body at the end of the garden.
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