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Alice's letter

Yesterday my American friend Alice e-mailed me. She lives in Los Angeles and I'll meet her on my coming trip to USA after 6 years, her e-mail is for the confirmation how to meet at the airport. Here I'd like to write a a bit about her... or her letters, because she is really a precious friend.

We have become friends about... God, it's almost 17 years ago when we joined some group tour to the Pacific Island. She was not a very special friend during the travel, I had spent good time with other members too like I did with her. Still now I keep friendship with some of the members but she has become the closest friend among them because of our correspondence. We have kept writing letters since the travel, during last 17 years we have met just twice when I visited California...but I feel like I have met her many times.
I like writing letters and have many pen-friends, both of domestic and foreign but she is obviously the best letter writer I've ever known. It doesn't mean her letters are very frequent nor she writes magnificent stories. She just writes ordinary things - about her family(especially about her grandson... she is older than I), about movie or book, about the interesting article she read, about her and her husband's health etc - in rather plain English, though her letter always makes me want to write back to her soon, any of her letters does. I think it's really extraordinary. Actually I'm not sure why, maybe because she never writes abstract things? or just because of her good nature? Anyway her letters have made me write many letters, never from the feeling of duty but willingly, I have enjoyed writing to her for many years... even when I feel tired.

Her letters make no money, never made her famous but I believe this is a real talent, talent for making friends happy. And they always make me hope that I'd like to write letters like hers.
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