katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Trip to Kawagoe

Today I took a day off to go to Kawagoe. Kawagoe is an old town in Saitama prefecture (north-west of Tokyo), which has become popular recently with its old buildings look like the ones in Samurai period, and nice shops and museums etc. I have wanted visiting there and asked my friend Akiko who lives near this town to join me. It’s one and half hour train ride from Yokohama(my town) to Kawagoe though fortunately there are direct trains, it’s quite easy to go there. I met Akiko at the train station and visited the famous temple, walked around the tourist area with many old buildings in nice atmosphere, had lunch and supper in very good small restaurant Akiko has known. Also I could talk with Akiko about many things We can’t talk on e-mails. And I bought some nice food and sweets for my mother and friends :)
Now I’m a bit tired but this was a very pleasant day :D

Tags: travel/going out

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