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spring activities, and on the meorable day

Yesterday it was cloudy with some weak sunshine in the morning. Before noon when I went out I saw this.

The mimosa tree in the neighbour's front yard I have posted about some days ago - the tree is now in full bloom and entertains the passersby - and the plastic bucket full of mimosa sprays with the sign saying "feel free to take some". How generous they are! Needless to say I accepted their kind offer, now the small entrance hall of my house looks bright with yellow flowers :)

BTW my best friend who has once lived in Roma says mimosa allergy is rather common in Italy. Really?? But I can imagine .... big mimosa tree would scatter the huge amount of pollen!!
In the afternoon I planted a very young Ume(Japanese apricot) tree in the garden. For years I've wanted to have my own Ume tree but too lazy to buy one. Now I hope this tree will take root safely :)

In the evening it started raining, and the rain continued all night, sometimes heavily, especially very early morning today.
And we now have 11 March - the 8th 3.11. I mean, since the Great Tohoku earthquake, Tsunami and the nuke crisis (in 2011). This is the very important day for us, all the media report various news related to the disaster 8 years ago. I read that still more than 2,500 people are missing and the families are trying to find them, more than 100 bodies (the part of bodies, of course) are not identified yet, about 20,000 people are still living in the small temporary houses and far more than 50,000 people waiting for the day they can return to their hometown. For these people the disaster is not the incident of the past. It's very very difficult to know what we can do for them and how we should think about their current situation. I just feel thankful for my fortunate situation, this peaceful days.
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