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flowers in early spring

After cloudy and rather chilly days today at last we have some sunshine though not strong. The spring weather is changeable and the sunshine is too mild ... but it's generally comfortable day. One of our neighbour has 2 Ume (Japanese apricot) trees in their garden, every February we enjoy to see their white blossoms, and the subtle but wonderful scent when we open the window. I can see many tiny fallen petals on the ground.

(One of our neighbour's Ume tree, and some Ume petals on the ground in our garden.)

This neighbour takes care of the garden far better than we do ours, so often we can enjoy seeing the flowers or blossoms :)  It's fortunate to have such neighbour ;)

In our garden, we can still enjoy some Suisen(narsissus) flowers. In the mild sunshine they look wonderful.

Meanwhile, my rabbit is...

"I still like to relax on the heated floor!"  X)
Tags: daily life, utako

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