katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

I’m so lazy... X(

Now our precious rain has gone, sunny and dry days again. Of course this fine weather is good for the housework, I feel sheer happiness when I air my futon or hang the washing in the sun. The homeless cats visit our verandah often and relax on it in the afternoon sun - it’s fun too see them!

My rabbit Tako is... so so. Nervous as usual, sometimes seems to be a bit... not very fine and makes me worry about her. Though her condition is not bad, today I took her to the vet and he said the tumor has become a little bit smaller (he X-rayed her) so we should keep giving her the medicine. I hope it (tumor) would become smaller and smaller!! From next weekend I’m going to my holiday trip, don’t want to leave Tako in bad condition. At the moment her condition is so so, thus I hope she’d keep it during my absence.

So, now I need to pack the stuff for the trip but it’s soooo... bothersome XD I’ll visit Switzerland in winter so need to bring many warm clothes which make my bag heavy X(. I love travel abroad but DON’T like preparing the trip XD, every time before the trip I think like “oh I shouldn’t plan this stupid trip”... of course I don’t mean it, just dislike preparing XD. I’m hopelessly lazy!

Also, my birthday is now approaching. And every year this is not the good time for me. I may name it “birthday blue” or something, as long as I can remember I have never felt happy and easy around the birthday. I think this is because around this time of year I tend to think about what I have accomplished in my life and disappointmented to find it’s far little than I have expected. Well... I just do what I can do, start from the small things. At the moment the priority issue for me is, taking care of my rabbit, holiday trip, and writing for the club I belong to. I need to make some writing (in English)for Stevenson club till the end of March but couldn’t finish it yet. It’s not easy to write seriously in English for anyone who is not English speaker still... I am too slow!! Anyway I will try to do my best X)
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