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On sunny workday...

I often grumble here but I know well that I am quite fortunate. Today it’s fine(the weather forecast has said it would be cloudy almost all day today but fortunately they were wrong!), the sky was blue in the morning when I left home for work. Mother was feeding the cats from the verandah then but stopped it and came to the entrance door to see me off as she always does. Tako was happy with her vegetables in her cage, before leaving home I gave her a small piece of apple :) I know this peace and happiness would not last forever but hope it will continue as long as possible!

My friend Mr.K is a photographer and has the small advertising agency. He is nearly 70 I think but keeps his youth very well, “I’m 36 forever” he often says. But when I saw him last autumn he said he sometimes felt his age recently ... and he tried to observe the young people. “The young people walk fast”, he said. “So I try to walk fast too to keep my youth”. I like this very much so since then I too have tried walking as fast as I can. Keeping the positive attitude is sometimes not easy but we should start from the small things :)
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