katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

unhappy days...

I have no idea about the cause of this unhappiness. It is January, the beginning of the new year, the weather is generally mild and we have many sunny days, I'm fine and going to the holiday trip next month. I and mother are both well. My rabbit Tako has the serious sickness but at the moment seems to be not so bad, I often have the nice, peaceful time with her in my room.
Still generally I've felt blue, or a bit numb, cannot enjoy anything much. Odd. Maybe because of the purposeless 8 hours in the office - I rather like my current job still can't be sure this task would be useful in the stupid situation of the company, it's been really dull lately. And the unbelievable news of the international politis - now every national leaders seem to lose the sense. Now I'm reading the book written by the American journalist Thomas Friedman(in Japanese translation, of course), it's a good book about the current situation of the world, full of the sensible analysis. But at the same time demonstrates the irreversible super rapid change of the society thus the strict need of the innovation of our way of life - this has made me feel quite uneasy. And I've always been feeling some concern over Tako's health - literally always - these days and cannot feel relaxed anytime. And feel a bit tired always.
I know I should think optimistically and positively but at the moment it's very difficult...
Tags: thought, utako

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